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a selected discography:

Steven Curtis Chapman

  • First Hand
  • Real Life Conversations
  • More to This Life
  • *For the Sake of the Call
  • *The Great Adventure
  • *The Live Adventure
  • Heaven in the Real World

(*Grammy Winner)

Point of Grace

  • Live, Love and Other Mysteries

The Martins

  • Dream Big

Wes King

  • The Robe
  • Common Creed

Michael Card

  • The Way of Wisdom
  • The Word
  • Poiema
  • Unveiled Hope
  • Soul Anchor

Jonathan Pierce

  • Sanctuary

Steve Green

  • The Faithful
  • Morning Light
  • Woven in Time
  • Always-Songs of Worship

Geoff Moore and The Distance

  • Evolution
  • Home Run